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Additional Wedding Work - by Queen Anne's Lace Flowers & Gifts


Queen Anne’s Lace in Brownsburg has been creating beautiful memories for over 30 years. We Can help express just the look you want for your special day. Always fresh and beautiful.

Arin- Cascade [WED-95]
Arin - Attendants Nosegay [WED-96]
Karah [Wed-097]

Catie [WED-098]
Taylor [WED-099]
Rhiannon [WED-101]

Alyssa [WED-102]
Leah [WED-073]
Country Rustic [WED-082]

Kayla [WED-094]
Garden Cascade [WED-085]
Rustic Woods-Chelsea [WED-086]

Evan [WED-091]
Sunrise [WED-059]
Kennedy Farms [Wed-087]

Radient Red [WED-088]
Cosmopolitan [WED-089]
Bejeweled [WED-093]

Vintage Charm [WED-084]
Sunny Afternoon [WED-092]
Burlap and Lace [WED-083]

Jaime [WED-081]
Laura [WED-061]
Lacey [WED-064]

Sugar and Spice [WED-065]
Charming [WED-066]
Expressions of Pink [WED-067]

Berries [WED-068]
Carolyn [WED-069]
Kelley [WED-070]

Charis [Wed-039]
Dream [Wed-040]
Weddings [Wed-041]

Weddings [Wed-042]
Weddings [Wed-043]
Sarah [Wed-044]

Weddings [Wed-045]
Weddings [Wed-046]
Weddings [Wed-047]

Union Chapel [WED-048]
Union Chapel [WED-049]
Union Chapel [WED-050]

Union Chapel [WED-051]
Weddings [WED-002]
Weddings [WED-052]

Weddings [WED-053]
Connection Pointe Chapel [WED-054]
Connection Pointe Chapel [Wed-022]

Summer Time [Wed-036]
Innocence [Wed-037]
Heavenly [Wed-038]

Weddings [WED-055]
Weddings [WED-057]
Rachel [WED-058]

Modern Cascade [WED-060]
Nicole [WED-062]
Orchid Splendor [WED-063]

Weddings [WED-071]
Samantha [WED-072]
Melanie [WED-074]

We have candelabras, arches, pedestals and other rental equipment available for our brides. Call today for an appointment to discuss the details of your wedding.

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